Makeup changes

21Having Dry Eyes, Ocular Surface Disease and MGD definitely affects my makeup routine. I am not able to wear full eye makeup on a daily basis anymore, especially my favourites: eyeliner and mascara. I now try to only use eye makeup on the weekends.

However, I have been testing something out lately where I apply eye makeup but not directly on the lash line itself. Because, for me, that’s where the irritation occurs. I will be trialing this out with specific hypoallergenic eye makeup and see how I get on.

If it goes well I will share the products that have worked for me. This may or may not work for you as everyone has different eyes and different levels of Dry Eye, Ocular Surface Disease and MGD.

I am hoping to start video’s of makeup tutorials too as these have been requested on my Instagram page. This will include:

  • makeup look without eye makeup – on the days where I can’t bare eye makeup
  • makeup look with minimal eye makeup – a more natural look I use
  • makeup look with full eye makeup – a look I tend to use on nights out

If there is anything in particular you would like me to share from my experiences please do let me know. You can email me by finding my email on the “about me” & “contact” page.

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