My first ever drops…

The first eye drops I was ever given were the Celluvisc Eye Drops. Even though they initially gave me some relief, they just weren’t strong enough for my Dry Eyes and I would still get a burning sensation and headaches. 👀

celluviscI went to my family doctor and explained how the drops weren’t strong enough and asked for something stronger but the Doctor (GP) wouldn’t give me anything stronger as he said I was “too young”. He explained most people with this problem are over 60 🙄. He clearly didn’t understand the severity of my Dry Eyes just because of my age.

So I went back to the ophthalmologist with my mom (spent so much money so that I could get immediate answers) who recommended me a much stronger eye drop and also tested me on eye lubricants to see how my eyes would take to them. Next post to follow on how these changed everything for me…..

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