Stronger Eye Drops and Eye Lubricant Trial

***This post is continued from my last post on the first eye drops given to me (Celluvisc) which weren’t strong enough***

After going back to my Ophthalmologist (since my family doctor refused to give me stronger eye drops), he prescribed me Optive Fusion drops and Lacrilube to use before bed.

The drops were much better and gave me much more relief than the Celluvisc drops so this made my eyes much more comfortable. I then tried out “Lacrilube” which is an ointment that you must insert about 1cm to the lower eyelid. (I must admit whoever chose the name Lacrilube must have been having a laugh as I have had a few embarrassing stories ordering the stuff in store which I will share later lol).

I found it nearly impossible to apply Lacrilube by myself to begin with so had my mom do it for me just before bed. It blurs your vision temporarily as well so I found it a bit strange and uncomfortable at first. I was told to use this for a week every night to see if my eyes improved, which they most definitely did…

After using Lacrilube for a week I thought I was cured and so came off it. How wrong I could have been… after about a week all my symptoms came back so again I went back to Dr Professor Scott. Post to follow on what was tried next – as it’s all trial and error to begin with 👁

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