Ophthalmologist Part 1 – Eye Ointments

Dr Professor Scott (UK Ophthalmologist) literally changed my life and I cannot thank him enough.

I remember when I first walked into his office wearing black lens sunglasses. I was unemployed, depressed and rarely wanted to leave the house. I felt there was no hope for my eyes after speaking to my GP and general doctors in mainstream hospitals. However, when seeing Dr Scott he confirmed that since the lubricating ointment (Lacrilube) he tested me on, had such an amazing effect on my eyes, that it would be beneficial for me to start using Lacrilube every night continuously.

So I have been using eye ointments every night before bed ever since, for 4 years.

He also urged me to use ointments in the day time too because eye drops do not last long enough in my eyes as they get rid of tears too quickly… 🙈

These are just my experiences of what has worked for me. Feel free to share what has worked for you by commenting below 🙂

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Thanks! Ellie x


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