Ophthalmologist part 3 – The Schirmer’s Test

Dr Scott also tested how many tears I produce by doing the Schirmer’s test. This is where they insert paper strips to the lower lid for 5 minutes to determine whether your eyes produce enough tears…


My tear production was very bad. I was told that I do not produce enough tears and the tears that I do produce evaporate too quickly. This finally proved I had severe dry eyes – which I was trying to tell the doctors on the NHS 🙄
Dr Scott immediately suggested inserting punctual plugs in my eyes – which an NHS doctor said I was “too young” for. Thank God I met this Ophthalmologist as Punctal Plugs literally changed my life.

dryeyes2Future posts to follow on what punctual plugs are, how many I had inserted to begin with and how many I have now*<<<<

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