Modelling & Dry Eyes


The main thing that upset me about having severe Dry Eyes is that I had to stop modelling.

It was always my dream to do fashion modelling, so when I got signed to an agency I was so happy. I modeled from the age of 18 – 24 and had to stop once finding out about my Dry Eyes. This is because my eyes became very sensitive to light.

While I was modelling, I unknowingly had Dry Eyes (unsure what caused this for definite) and continued to model with Dry Eyes i.e. using full eye makeup, constant flashing lights and no use of drops or ointments which all contributes to worsening Dry Eyes.  All of these things made my eyes incredibly dry and it became too much to handle.

One day when I got home, after a full day of shooting, I got into bed and covered my eyes with my bed sheets and said to my mom – something isn’t right. My eyes hurt, my head hurts, I didn’t know what was happening.

The doctors didn’t recognise I had Dry Eyes and said I needed a head scan in case I had a blood clot……. When in reality, all I needed, was eye drops. I was told by a specialist, if my Dry Eyes were recognised early on, I may not now, have permanent Dry Eyes.

Even though now my eyes have improved a lot with the help of punctal plugs, eye drops and lubricant, I’m not sure if I would risk going back into modeling…

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