Clean your eyelids thoroughly

Whether you use makeup or not, it is so important to clean your eyelids properly 👁 This is my Morning & Night routine:
I use Blephasol with a cotton pad every morning and night to clean my lids properly and thoroughly. This is so good for Dry Eyes, Blepharitis or sensitive eyes in general as it is a sensitive lotion.

When I only use facewipes to remove my makeup, it doesn’t remove it all properly because when I then use Blephasol after with a cotton pad, I find makeup on the pads!
I would definitely recommend 🙌🏼 This is also a much cheaper option than the Blephaclean wipes as the lotion lasts much longer!


2 thoughts on “Clean your eyelids thoroughly

  1. Susan Garrett says:

    I was told by my optometrist that Blephaclean was more expensive as it contains extra ingredients to help with blepharitis. I make each wipe last for two applications by tearing the wipe in half


    • elliesdryeyes says:

      I’ve had the wipes before but I much prefer the lotion personally! I can control how much ointment I put onto the cotton pad also depending on whether I’m wearing makeup or not. The wipes felt quite hard for my skin!


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