New Opti-Therm Heat Mask Trial

So as you know from previous posts I love using heat therapy for my Dry Eyes. I have been using the same heat mask for around 4 years now and have to keep re-buying it as you can only use it a certain amount of times for hygiene reasons.

This is a new mask I recently came across on Instagram called Opti-Therm that uses both Heat Therapy and Cold Therapy. This helps for if you have Dry Eyes or Blepharitis. The main reason I wanted to try out this mask is because it is washable.

Check out the Opti-Therm mask here.



So impressed with my Opti-therm mask! I’ve been using a different one for so many years but this one is better because:

🔸It only takes 20 secs to heat up compared to 2 mins on my old mask which makes a big difference when you’re doing it right before bed
🔸It has heat only directly on your eyes because of where the bead packs are whereas my other one heats the entire face unnecessarily
🔸It is washable so I don’t have to keep buying a new one regularly for hygiene reasons •
🔸It has the option for cold therapy too

All in all this is my fave new mask 🙌🏼. I love that it goes right around your head too and stays in place, whereas the one I used to use I have to constantly hold down for it to target my eyes.


2 thoughts on “New Opti-Therm Heat Mask Trial

  1. Susan Garrett says:

    I use an eye ask that warms up from a USB power source. I plug mine in to my mobile phone charger but you can plug it in to a laptop. I bought it to use whe I was away from home and didn’t have access to a microwave. I like the way it keeps the heat constant for the 10 minutes that I use it on my eyes. The outer layer is washable.


    • elliesdryeyes says:

      Hi Susan! Wow that sounds amazing. Where did you get this from? I will be going on holiday after Xmas and I need a portable one for when I’m away. The one you’ve explained sounds perfect!


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