14 Eye Cosmetic Safety Tips: Dry Eyes / Sensitive Eyes

cyprus18Ladies – if you, like myself, have sensitive or Dry eyes there are certain things you can do to avoid aggravating your eyes further!

Even if you have”normal” eyes, using some of the following safety steps could help prevent you from developing eye problems / infections in the near future.

What are some safety tips to using eye cosmetics?

 Apply eyeliner outside the lash line (away from the eye) to avoid direct contact of  the cosmetic with the eye. This means there will be less chance that the liner will flake off into the eye.

 Avoid waterproof mascara – Even though I know it’s tempting to try especially if your eyes water a lot, it impossible to remove from your eyelashes and has certain ingredients in that will aggravate Dry Eyes, MGD & Blepharitis.

 Try using hypoallergenic make-up to avoid excess irritation.

  Dry Eye sufferers: Apply eye drops / eye lubricant an hour or so before applying eye makeup.

 A plastic eyelash curler is better (if possible) rather than a metal one as regular metal eyelash curlers can cause irritation and dryness around the eye.

 Replace cosmetics every six months (and more often if you wear contact lenses) to avoid excess contamination with skin bacteria.

♥ Even though eye makeup removers are designed to use around the eye, annoyingly, they can irritate the eye. Make sure you apply them carefully to the eyelid and avoid getting them in to your eye.

♥ Avoid powder eye-shadows and other powder based products as the excess powder particles can get into the eye. Try cream eye shadows instead  (see previous post / tutorial on cream eye-shadows).


♥ Never use an old applicator in a fresh cosmetic product. The applicator will transfer bacteria to the new cosmetic.

♥ After any eye infection, make sure to buy fresh eye makeup.

♥ Do not share your eye cosmetics with others. Each person has different skin bacteria. If you contaminate your cosmetics with another person’s bacteria, you may get an infection.

♥ If you use an eyelash curler, make sure the rubber is soft, not stiff and cracking. Always use the curler BEFORE applying mascara.

 Avoid colored mascara – black is meant to be the least irritating.

♥ Never use saliva to thin old or clumped makeup or to wet a mascara wand. Your saliva contains bacteria from your mouth.

Hope that helps! Ellie x

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