Facebook Support Group for Dry Eyes

Hello everyone

I wanted to write a blog post dedicated to a Facebook Support Group that I found before Christmas for Dry Eyes, MGD & Blepharitis. I wish I had found this group 6 years ago. This is a private group and I feel it may help others who haven’t already heard of it.

Having this invisible disease makes you feel like you’re the only one going through it because more often than not, the people around us do not understand it…


This group allows us to speak to others with the same condition and symptoms. It allows us to share what products and methods we have or haven’t tried. It allows us to share our frustrations about having dry eyes and how useless most of the doctors have been towards helping us.

The founder of this page is Mario and he has almost cured his blepharitis and MGD by studying dry eyes as he equally felt the doctors were just trying to mask the issue rather than fix it.

You should check out the Facebook page called “Blepharitis Advice and Support Centre” as Mario has pinned posts about how he has almost completely got rid of his blepharitis and MGD by making certain lifestyle and diet changes.

Thank you to this group for always helping one another with our own experiences 🙂

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