Makeup Look – Eye Care Cosmetics

As you guys know I am really loving Eyecare Cosmetics at the moment.

This brand has not irritated my eyes once since trailing and now using. They have such a wide range of products and colours which I also really love.

I have created a look below using Cream Eye-shadows, Eyeliner and Lengthening mascara all by Eyecare Cosmetics (Butterflies Eyecare).


As you can see, the eyeliner is not touching the direct edge of my lid/lashes. I leave a gap to avoid irritation that occurs with my eyes.

Eye Care Eye Shadow Cream High Tolerance








Colours: Cinnamon and Chocolate.

These cream eye shadows are so easy to apply, so much quicker than the powder shadows that I no longer can use. They also look great on and stayed on for the whole day. I tend to use a tiny bit of eyecare concealer on my eye lids as a base which may contribute to it staying on longer. Would defo recommend these and they come in lots of different colours!


Eye Care Fluid Eyeliner












Colour: Black

This eye liner has a much thinner wand than I am used to. This is probably a good thing though as eye liner is the only thing really that irritates my eyes the most. So using a thin wand will mean less eyeliner and less irritation. This didn’t irrtate me as much as any other brand I have tried but I did still have to use my eye lubricants and drops a little more than if I wasn’t using eye liner.





Eye Care Long-Lash Mascara

mascara lengthening










Colour: Black

This mascara is definitely my favourite out of this brand. I prefer a lengthening mascara so this mascara wand is a lot thinner than the last one I tried which meant I could really lengthen my lashes, and they looked great! This brand is the least irritating I have tried for my eyes, I have ditched my high street brand mascaras now and use this as it’s aimed for my sensitive/dry eyes!

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