Travelling Part 1 – Vietnam & Cambodia – Dry Eyes, Blepharitis & MGD

“I was a bit worried at first…”


It’s been a very long time since I’ve posted but I am back! Back In February/March I went travelling to Vietnam & Cambodia. I was a bit worried at first due to the amount of maintenance I have to keep up with my eyes but I am going to share how I kept my eye routine going. Having Dry Eyes, Blepharitis and MGD should not stop you from travelling!

I  pre-planned everything I needed, which included planning for “worst case scenarios”. For example, hot weather always makes my eyes 100 x worse, as does alcohol. Two of the main things I would have on a regular basis! I prepared by drinking lots of water regularly, always wearing my sunglasses and a hat, using my eye drops and ointments regularly throughout the day.

Taking extra precautions

Aeroplanes  – Many people experience dry eyes after extended travel by air. The dry environment of a temperature and pressure-controlled aeroplane cabin can take its toll on anyone’s eyes, let alone someone with severe Dry Eyes, Blepharitis or MGD. Because of this I always apply eye-lubricant before and during the flight. I also topped up with eye drops and since dehydration makes dry eye symptoms worse, I drank plenty of water. I chose not to wear eye makeup on the flight from UK to Vietnam due to the long flight (10 hours).

USB Travel Heat Mask – the best thing I bought was a travel eye mask for heat therapy. It has temperature control and heats up through USB. The one I use here in the UK needs to be warmed up in a microwave. There were not going to be any microwaves available for me in the hotel rooms and a wet flannel doesn’t work well enough for me. I would use it just before bed and got mine from Amazon!


Carry a mirror around at all times

I put my drops and eye lubricants in anywhere, I don’t care where I am; in a restaurant, in a museum, on the train, on the street, literally anywhere. It used to bother me before when people looked or asked me questions but I couldn’t care less anymore lol. I have a mirror cover on the back of my phone so that I always have a mirror at hand. I do have to ask whoever’s with me to hold the mirror though, sometimes they get annoyed but if I don’t put them in my eyes will burn 1000x more than the usual amount so……


This was the difficult part. I didn’t wear any eye makeup in the day as I was mainly in the sun with my sunglasses on by the pool/beach or visiting museums so didn’t really care as much what I looked like. I was jealous though that I couldn’t even wear mascara or get false permanent lashes like my friends for long periods of time in the day. My rule was to not wear makeup in the day and then treat myself (lol) at night for dinner/nights out. This way I would only have the makeup on for 2-5 hours max. Plus wearing makeup at night would be less painful as there was no sun!

Makeup Routine – So before applying any eye makeup I apply Lacrilube or Xailin Night ointment. I then carry on with the rest of my makeup (foundation etc),  to allow time for the lubricant to work. I then clean my eyes with Blephasol/facewipe to get rid of any excess greasy residue from the ointment and start my eye makeup. All the eye makeup I use is hypoallergenic and mostly catered specifically for dry eyes (see previous posts). I did have to top up my eye lubricant while out which is annoying as it leaves a greasy residue under my eyes and ultimately ruins my eye makeup. But I’d much rather that than no eye makeup at all for a night out.


Alcohol makes dry eyes a lot worse. I tried not to drink loads unless on a night out or if I did, I would have a glass of water for every 1 drink of alcohol. This was not always the case as there was always the odd one night where you’re having fun and forget but then the morning after my eyes were burning and were very red. So I tried my best to drink lots of water when drinking alcohol!


There were many days where my eyes were burning, especially when in 35 degrees heat/sun. The air conditioning also irritated my eyes but it was too hot to not have on in the room. It can be difficult sticking to the routine above and some days you’re just like whyyyyyyyyyy do I have to do all this??? But don’t let the frustrations get the better of you. Once you accept it and get yourself into a routine, you will feel much better and carry on doing things you would normally do.

I hope this has been helpful for anyone struggling with Dry Eyes, Blephairits or MGD and debating going travelling 🙂

In my next post I will share the makeup and makeup remover’s I used whilst away.

I will also do another blog post on my travel to a sunny 4 day festival abroad in Malta!


One thought on “Travelling Part 1 – Vietnam & Cambodia – Dry Eyes, Blepharitis & MGD

  1. Baydreamer says:

    Thanks for the information, Ellie. It sounds like you had a wonderful time regardless of the eye issues. Sometimes, it’s hard to do a simple warm compress. I always want to be doing something like reading, working on my blog, writing, etc. and I can’t do those things with my eyes closed. So, it’s a matter of taking a short break and getting into the routine. Anyway, take care and loved the photos, too!


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