Makeup Look – Eye Care Cosmetics

As you guys know I am really loving Eyecare Cosmetics at the moment.

This brand has not irritated my eyes once since trailing and now using. They have such a wide range of products and colours which I also really love.

I have created a look below using Cream Eye-shadows, Eyeliner and Lengthening mascara all by Eyecare Cosmetics (Butterflies Eyecare).


As you can see, the eyeliner is not touching the direct edge of my lid/lashes. I leave a gap to avoid irritation that occurs with my eyes.

Eye Care Eye Shadow Cream High Tolerance








Colours: Cinnamon and Chocolate.

These cream eye shadows are so easy to apply, so much quicker than the powder shadows that I no longer can use. They also look great on and stayed on for the whole day. I tend to use a tiny bit of eyecare concealer on my eye lids as a base which may contribute to it staying on longer. Would defo recommend these and they come in lots of different colours!


Eye Care Fluid Eyeliner












Colour: Black

This eye liner has a much thinner wand than I am used to. This is probably a good thing though as eye liner is the only thing really that irritates my eyes the most. So using a thin wand will mean less eyeliner and less irritation. This didn’t irrtate me as much as any other brand I have tried but I did still have to use my eye lubricants and drops a little more than if I wasn’t using eye liner.





Eye Care Long-Lash Mascara

mascara lengthening










Colour: Black

This mascara is definitely my favourite out of this brand. I prefer a lengthening mascara so this mascara wand is a lot thinner than the last one I tried which meant I could really lengthen my lashes, and they looked great! This brand is the least irritating I have tried for my eyes, I have ditched my high street brand mascaras now and use this as it’s aimed for my sensitive/dry eyes!

Facebook Support Group for Dry Eyes

Hello everyone

I wanted to write a blog post dedicated to a Facebook Support Group that I found before Christmas for Dry Eyes, MGD & Blepharitis. I wish I had found this group 6 years ago. This is a private group and I feel it may help others who haven’t already heard of it.

Having this invisible disease makes you feel like you’re the only one going through it because more often than not, the people around us do not understand it…


This group allows us to speak to others with the same condition and symptoms. It allows us to share what products and methods we have or haven’t tried. It allows us to share our frustrations about having dry eyes and how useless most of the doctors have been towards helping us.

The founder of this page is Mario and he has almost cured his blepharitis and MGD by studying dry eyes as he equally felt the doctors were just trying to mask the issue rather than fix it.

You should check out the Facebook page called “Blepharitis Advice and Support Centre” as Mario has pinned posts about how he has almost completely got rid of his blepharitis and MGD by making certain lifestyle and diet changes.

Thank you to this group for always helping one another with our own experiences 🙂

Waterproof Makeup Tutorial / Review – Sensitive eyes

Hello everyone 💄! !

As I always have to use eye lubricants in the day, as well as before bed, I always have an oily residue under my eye from using Lacrilube or Xailin gel. This therefore ruins my eye makeup when I do decide to apply on special occasions.

Because of this I decided I wanted to find waterproof eye makeup catered towards sensitive/dry eyes. I also wanted to find waterproof products for summer holidays as a lot of people have messaged and requested for this.

Below I will share the waterproof products I tried and the outcome of each along with a makeup tutorial video. I came across Eye Care Cosmetics randomly online when I was ordering my eye drops from Butterflies website. I noticed Butterflies Eyecare had cosmetics on their website aimed for sensitive/dry eyes.

IMPORTANT: I never apply makeup on my lash line, inside my lash line or the roots of my lashes as that is where my irritation occurs. Ensure you take your own irritation into account as everyone is different and have their own unique symptoms.

Makeup Tutorial Video


To avoid irritation: On my eye lid, you will notice that I leave a line (just above my lash-line) where I have not applied any makeup. E.g. so where you normally apply eyeliner, I leave it makeup free and you can see my skin ever so slightly. If I close my eyes on the tutorial you will be able to see this. Once applying mascara you can’t tell so much. I never apply eye shadow directly on the edge or on my lash line any more since having dry eyes. This is to avoid irritation.

Concealer. (Applied small amount with fingertip above lash line & with brush undereye)water3

Colour: Bronze
This concealer is great for a base before eye shadows as well as good for covering sports etc like a normal concealer. I used this before applying the eye shadow pencil and it helped it stay in place.

Waterproof Mascara. (Applied on the ends of my lashes after using an eyelash curler.)

waterproof mascara

Colour: Black

I found this to be quite tolerable as I never apply mascara on the roots of my lashes anymore. It also made my lashes look great! I was able to apply my Lacrilube eye gel without it effecting my lashes too as it is waterproof. It was surprisingly easy to remove which I was very happy with.

Waterproof Eye Shadow Pencil. (Applied above lash line and under the eye – but not inside the eyelid line!)


Colour: Spice & Plum
I absolutely love this eye shadow pencil. I am so happy to have found alternative makeup products to powder eye shadows in cream shadow sticks. This did not irritate my eyes at all and stayed in place even with my eye gels which I was super happy about. Can’t wait to use this on holiday!

Waterproof Eye Brow Pencil. 


Colour: Dark
I love this eyebrow pencil and the look it gives. I had a very similar one from MAC but this one is much bigger and it is even cheaper than the MAC eyebrow pencil so you get more for your money! It is also waterproof which means it wont budge. I am forever touching my face and eyebrows…

About This Brand:

Eye Care Cosmetics  – As well as specialist manufacturing techniques, the Eye Care Cosmetics range is designed to be as free-from as many chemical or irritating ingredients as possible. This, along with the careful selection of active ingredients and ultra-micronisation of particles, is why the products are so suitable for people with sensitive eyes.

14 Eye Cosmetic Safety Tips: Dry Eyes / Sensitive Eyes

cyprus18Ladies – if you, like myself, have sensitive or Dry eyes there are certain things you can do to avoid aggravating your eyes further!

Even if you have”normal” eyes, using some of the following safety steps could help prevent you from developing eye problems / infections in the near future.

What are some safety tips to using eye cosmetics?

 Apply eyeliner outside the lash line (away from the eye) to avoid direct contact of  the cosmetic with the eye. This means there will be less chance that the liner will flake off into the eye.

 Avoid waterproof mascara – Even though I know it’s tempting to try especially if your eyes water a lot, it impossible to remove from your eyelashes and has certain ingredients in that will aggravate Dry Eyes, MGD & Blepharitis.

 Try using hypoallergenic make-up to avoid excess irritation.

  Dry Eye sufferers: Apply eye drops / eye lubricant an hour or so before applying eye makeup.

 A plastic eyelash curler is better (if possible) rather than a metal one as regular metal eyelash curlers can cause irritation and dryness around the eye.

 Replace cosmetics every six months (and more often if you wear contact lenses) to avoid excess contamination with skin bacteria.

♥ Even though eye makeup removers are designed to use around the eye, annoyingly, they can irritate the eye. Make sure you apply them carefully to the eyelid and avoid getting them in to your eye.

♥ Avoid powder eye-shadows and other powder based products as the excess powder particles can get into the eye. Try cream eye shadows instead  (see previous post / tutorial on cream eye-shadows).


♥ Never use an old applicator in a fresh cosmetic product. The applicator will transfer bacteria to the new cosmetic.

♥ After any eye infection, make sure to buy fresh eye makeup.

♥ Do not share your eye cosmetics with others. Each person has different skin bacteria. If you contaminate your cosmetics with another person’s bacteria, you may get an infection.

♥ If you use an eyelash curler, make sure the rubber is soft, not stiff and cracking. Always use the curler BEFORE applying mascara.

 Avoid colored mascara – black is meant to be the least irritating.

♥ Never use saliva to thin old or clumped makeup or to wet a mascara wand. Your saliva contains bacteria from your mouth.

Hope that helps! Ellie x

Understanding an Invisible Disease

Unfortunately, a lot of cases often go undiagnosed and undertreated, due to a lack of understanding of symptoms and inaccurate evaluation. This is why I started my blog – to raise awareness of this invisible disease.




What is Dry Eye Syndrome? MGD? Blepharitis? Ocular Surface Disease?

Dry Eye Syndrome: Dry Eye Syndrome or Dry Eye Disease, is a common condition that occurs when the eyes don’t make enough tears, or the tears evaporate too quickly which leads to the eyes drying out and becoming red, swollen and irritated. Dry Eye Syndrome is also known as keratoconjunctivitis sicca, or simply “dry eyes”.

You are either classified as Aqueous Deficient Dry Eye (too little water or aqueous), Evaporative Dry Eye (too little oil) or BOTH, like me.

MGD (Meibomian Gland Dysfunction): MGD is blockage or some other abnormality of the meibomian glands so they don’t secrete enough oil into the tears. Because the tears then evaporate too quickly, MGD is a leading cause of Dry Eye Syndrome. It also is associated with an eyelid problem called Blepharitis.

Blepharitis: Blepharitis is a common condition where the edges of the eyelids (eyelid margins) become red and swollen (inflamed). It can develop at any age, and symptoms can include: itchy, sore and red eyelids, a burning, gritty sensation in your eyes. Some people also suffer from eyelids that stick together.

Ocular Surface Disease (OSD): Ocular Surface Diseases are disorders of the surface of the cornea – the transparent layer that forms the front of the eye which can severely affect eyesight and quality of life. Symptoms include blurry vision, discomfort or pain, redness and itching, and in severe cases, blindness due to corneal scarring.

Unfortunately, I suffer from Dry Eyes, MGD, Blepharitis & Ocular Surface Disease.

However, early diagnosis and treatment can prevent serious complications and improve quality of life so make sure you visit your optician / ophthalmologist if you think you may suffer with any of the above symptoms 🙂


Cream Eye-shadow Details

Hello all!

These are the 2 cream eye-shadows that I used in my recent makeup tutorial:

cream eyeshadows

➖ Revlon Colorstay Creme eye shadow (720)
➖ Maybelline NY Colour 24 hour (98 cream beige)

They are not hypoallergenic but they didn’t aggravate my eyes as the cream went exactly where I wanted it to, in comparison to my old MAC eye-shadows that would irritate my eyes / eyelids as excess powder particles would get into my eyes.

Another great thing about these is that they are made to last a long time! So… if you, like me, use eye ointments… you will know they let off a greasy gel under or above your eyes which is why most people only use eye ointments before bed. However, I must use them in the day time too which is why I like these eye-shadows because they do not move!!

I have ditched the powder eye-shadows and will be using cream eye-shadows for now 🙂

Ellie x

New Opti-Therm Heat Mask Trial

So as you know from previous posts I love using heat therapy for my Dry Eyes. I have been using the same heat mask for around 4 years now and have to keep re-buying it as you can only use it a certain amount of times for hygiene reasons.

This is a new mask I recently came across on Instagram called Opti-Therm that uses both Heat Therapy and Cold Therapy. This helps for if you have Dry Eyes or Blepharitis. The main reason I wanted to try out this mask is because it is washable.

Check out the Opti-Therm mask here.



So impressed with my Opti-therm mask! I’ve been using a different one for so many years but this one is better because:

🔸It only takes 20 secs to heat up compared to 2 mins on my old mask which makes a big difference when you’re doing it right before bed
🔸It has heat only directly on your eyes because of where the bead packs are whereas my other one heats the entire face unnecessarily
🔸It is washable so I don’t have to keep buying a new one regularly for hygiene reasons •
🔸It has the option for cold therapy too

All in all this is my fave new mask 🙌🏼. I love that it goes right around your head too and stays in place, whereas the one I used to use I have to constantly hold down for it to target my eyes.


Clean your eyelids thoroughly

Whether you use makeup or not, it is so important to clean your eyelids properly 👁 This is my Morning & Night routine:
I use Blephasol with a cotton pad every morning and night to clean my lids properly and thoroughly. This is so good for Dry Eyes, Blepharitis or sensitive eyes in general as it is a sensitive lotion.

When I only use facewipes to remove my makeup, it doesn’t remove it all properly because when I then use Blephasol after with a cotton pad, I find makeup on the pads!
I would definitely recommend 🙌🏼 This is also a much cheaper option than the Blephaclean wipes as the lotion lasts much longer!


Cream eyeshadow tutorial

💄Cream Shadow Makeup Tutorial 💄

The reason I have ditched the powder eyeshadows and tried the cream eyeshadows is because it is LESS IRRITATING for Dry Eyes & sensitive eyes. This is because excess powder particles can get into the eye with powder eyeshadows whereas cream goes exactly where you want it to!

I wish I had tried cream shadows a long time ago 👀

Makeup products used:

🔹Cream eyeshadow

🔹Eye liner flicks at the end

🔹Eye lash curler

I will be sharing the products in the next post 🙌🏼

New Makeup products – Tutorial coming soon

🔶🔹New Makeup Video 🔹🔶

Hey guys! Sooo as you know I’ve been trailing out some new eyeshadows over the past week. As they have not irritated my eyes I have done a new makeup video which I will be sharing this week with the products. Here is the look:

Again, I have not applied makeup directly onto the lash line, I have used eyeshadow above and just eyeliner flicks at the end of my eyes. I will be posting some more tutorials in the future with makeup applied onto the lash line too, however if you have severe dry eyes or sensitivity – I would avoid makeup directly on the lash line.

Let me know if you’d like to see this look ☺️👀💄