Hypo-allergenic Mascara Review

Hey guys. I thought I would share some of the mascaras I have reviewed for my dry eyes. I don’t usually wear mascara Monday-Friday for work but I like to at the weekends or special occasions. I also avoid applying mascara on the tip of my lashes as this aggravates my eyes. So I thought I would investigate mascaras that don’t burn my eyes after half an hour of wearing it! I looked into lots of hypoallergenic mascaras and those aimed for sensitive/dry eyes.

Note: I never wear any sort of eye makeup unless I use my eye lubricants and eye drops.

Below I will share whether or not the mascara irritated my eyes with a score out of 5.

5 = Extreme Irritation     1 = No Irritation

These are all hypoallergenic mascaras aimed for sensitive eyes.

La Roche Posay. (Respectissime Volume Mascara)  Irritation Level = 2.5   

“for sensitive eyes”

mascara 1

This mascara made my lashes look great. However, after about an hour it started to irritate my eyes. It is a great alternative to mainstream mascaras as it didn’t irritate as severe as mainstream brands, but there are better sensitive mascaras I have tried.


No 7. (Extreme Length Sensitive Eyes Mascara)      Irritation Level = 4     

“sensitive eyes mascara”

mascara 2   

I was excited to try this as I liked the wand as it was similar to the mainstream wand I used to use years ago. However, this mascara was breaking off my lashes and getting into my eyes so this therefore irritated my eyes quite a bit. I would not buy this again.


Eyecare Cosmetics (High Tolerance Mascara).         Irritation Level = 1       My fave!!

“mascara for dry or sensitive eyes”

mascara 3   

This mascara had a bigger brush than I’m normally used to as I like to use thin wands usually. However, it did not irritate my eyes at all and made my lashes look great after applying a 2nd coat. I was able to wear this all day with hardly any irritation and it did not break off my lashes either. It was also very easy to remove so this is definitely my favorite new mascara 🙂


Butterflies Eye Care Cosmetics website

My next post to follow on Butterflies eyecare and how amazing their range is!

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