My First Makeup Video

Hello everyone! Happy to show you my very first makeup video πŸ’„

This is just a quick makeup tutorial of my current makeup routine for work. It’s simple and quick and this eye makeup routine only involves eyeliner flicks at the END of the eyes.

I haven’t applied any makeup directly on my eyelid. When applying foundation or concealer I use excess makeup left on the brush and apply above the eyelid line.


This is my first makeup video and I haven’t done tutorials before, please bare with me and feel free to let me know any tips you have!

I have also been testing out new hypoallergenic makeup products so that I can start using more eye makeup (hopefully) in the week too.

Once I’ve tested out the new eye shadows and mascaras, I will share the makeup look using the products that didn’t irritate my dry eyes ❀️

I have uploaded this onto my Youtube Channel – Please subscribe and follow as I will be sharing more tutorials and tips for Dry Eyes πŸ™‚ See link below:

Dry Eyes Makeup Tutorial / Sensitive Eyes

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